My 10 most-read stories

Celebrating 7 years on Medium

Gordie Jackson
3 min readDec 28, 2023
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It will soon be 7 years since I started writing on Medium. I was in before there was a subscription and initially Medium promoted my stories which explains the higher ratings up until 2018. I still write but don’t pay a subscription, meaning my stories are free to read but not promoted. I appreciate the small number of readers who constantly encourage me. I decided to compile the 10 most-read stories. The criteria being that they had to have been read by 500 or more people. So here they are below. Best for now and always including 2024. g

48K views 37K reads

9.1K views 3.2K reads

1.6K views 1.1K reads

2k views 942 reads

1.7k views 746 reads

974 views 705 reads

1K views 603 reads

940 views 575 reads

1.6k views 550 reads

4.5k views 524 reads

For those interested 3 years ago I did the 21 most-read stories (see below)



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