This photo is a quick test on whether you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Gordie Jackson
2 min readSep 13, 2017
After eating in a fast-food restaurant do you clear away your mess or leave it as in the photo? Answer at story end.

I was talking to a chap who has had the label ‘Asperger’ applied to him. Whether he has it or not he described to me how at times he purposely avoids people. Of course, I couldn’t help but tell him about Christopher Knight and how he succeeded living in isolation for 27 years.

He then relayed a story, a friend asked him to give a lift to another. He was reluctant though agreed. He picked up the person who then wanted him to stop for some food. He had things to do and did not really want to stop for food. He compromised and thinking he was being directed to a McDonald’s drive-thru he followed the directions. They arrived at a pub restaurant.

Against his better judgment, he went inside though when they didn’t offer to buy him a meal he decided he would return to his car and drive home without them. He explained that he acted as he did as he was so annoyed with their expectations and lack of regard to his needs.

Often in talking with people, I can identify with their worldview which at times causes them difficulties. I have read about Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and have often wondered whether I am one.

You see while this guy was telling his story I understood it, from the inside and outside.

I too can get very annoyed with people expectations of me and lack of regards to my needs. I could almost do ‘a Christopher Knight’ for a few days although I would still want someone to say hello to a few times a day, did someone suggest a budgie?

Elaine N. Aron is credited with being the person to bring HSP to the world. The article below will give a quick insight into the trait.

So returning to the photo my theory is, if you clear away the mess you may well be an HSP.




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