While respecting others respect yourself

Lough Neagh, County Armagh, N Ireland / gj photo

For most of this week, your heart and mind have still been in Northern Ireland. You should not be surprised as you seem to be as the place and the people are the foundations on which you were built.

As you sat with folk you felt for them. You felt for the health of some and you were unexpectedly gladdened that others were doing better than you thought. The odd prompt to connect with one proved right yet you wondered about another where the connection didn't happen at least not as you expected. Those with who you were unable to meet still knew that you were thinking of them.

I know you like the chance encounters which happened at least twice. They confirm to you that home may have changed but not so much so that you still recognise another on the street as they also you. I know that speaks to you about belonging and community.

While you don’t find it so easy to build friendship these days you are also smiling that you can still connect with those you knew 30 odd and 40 odd years ago.

And yet it is sitting with those who knew you well spiritually that you find yourself slightly at odds though no less affection for. The journey has taken you to different places and experiences. For you, it has been about being open to me and I know as do you that you have not always found it easy to walk in the direction that you sensed I was ushering you. I know you have gone against your own feelings and judgements but then when you trust another knowing that they know what is best you yield. You yield because you know the plans I have for you even if you don’t.

You know from experience that you become everything you are destined to be because your faith is in me and not in yourself.

That has meant you have left the well-worn paths because I desired it. A relationship is as unique as the people in it so why should people think it strange when one person’s experience does not follow another?

You know if you had not outgrown your own prejudices you would be an older version of your 15-year-old self. I desire to show you life and the abundance of it. That has meant moving on from what you knew yesterday to what you experience today.

Only you can walk the path only you can experience the relationship so while respecting others respect yourself.



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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.