What I do affects you

Gordie Jackson
2 min readJan 14, 2023
Photo by Tom Wilson on Unsplash

I was reading the Bulletin from the Krishnamurti Foundation

“And we are responsible for whatever happens in the field of this consciousness. That is, if I am violent, I am adding violence to this consciousness common to all of us. If I am not violent, not adding to it, I am bringing about a totally new factor in that consciousness.”

From the book ‘Can conflict end?’

It connected me to an experience I had the other day. I am reluctant to say “I was thinking” as I hope that we ‘experience consciousness’ which probably results in thoughts as we attempt to understand what we experienced.

Many years ago about 1983, I heard Jasper Carrott an English comedian on TV say something like, “We could be living on the fingertip of some huge giant.” I recall being entertained by the thought. It’s not too far off what I was thinking the other day which was that just as there is a whole world inside me of cells and what keeps the body alive I as a body am like one of those cells to consciousness. Do you get what I mean?

So when I read that excerpt from K, I understand what he means if I am violent as a cell in a body or as a part of consciousness it affects the whole. And yes it seems to be true that the body can fight itself just like us humans.

So if we experience that oneness we will know that how we act affects us all.




Gordie Jackson

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