What do you call connecting two strangers for an authentic conversation?


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I am used to ads on Facebook. I respond mainly to those offering personal growth. They are usually free. I noticed one ‘Warmspace’.

It describes itself as follows,

“Warmspace is a facilitated dialogue between two complete strangers that aims to create a deep connection through shared human experiences.”

A few years ago I thought about going to ‘Tea with strangers’. It looks like they are now ‘out for lunch’. I never got to connect but I thought the idea was a good one. Warmspace seemed to be offering something similar, connecting people. I took a look at some of their videos and signed up.

You book a slot and hope that someone else matches you. Warmspace does ask for your mobile number but only to increase the chances of both of you turning up. You receive a reminder by text and email and a link to cancel if you can’t make it.

On my first ‘appointment’ four people said they would turn up and then they all cancelled. I wrote ‘appointment’ as this is not a dating site. That appealed to me as it is about people having authentic conversations regardless of gender. It appears that there is a growing number of people out there who want to talk below the superficial.

I posted my cancellations on the community forum and Edric the founder replied and offered me a one to one Warmspace. We had it on Monday and it was a great experience. It not only gave me a Warmspace but a chance to interact with the creator.

There is a narrator who guides you through your time. Most options last an hour. That does not mean you can’t ad-lib. The narrator provides prompts for you in the form of what they call games such as ‘The empathy game’. You will be given a set of prompts on the screen to aid your interaction.

Today I turned up for another. They were in Romania and I was here. As it happens we spent almost as long talking after the narrated session as in it. We seemed to move swiftly through the ‘narrated time’ that it seemed right to just talk.

Interested in giving it a go? Click on the link below.

My take via youtube




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Gordie Jackson

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