They said farewell

Photo by Matthieu Huang on Unsplash

It was a couple of years ago that Max noticed the small cafe with the green door. He enjoyed the vibe of the place so he became a regular.

It wasn't long after Kerry bumped into him at the local cinema and ended the conversation with, “We must meet for a coffee sometime.” It wasn’t long after that he followed her up and over the past few years, they have met, drunk coffee, talked and walked.

There was something about her that put him at ease. She was attractive that also helped yet he didn't want more than friendship as he knew from experience that a relationship could take two people who enjoyed each other company and over time put them at a distance. Friendship could last a lifetime whereas relationships may not.

Then she told him she was moving away. That gave an opportunity for a farewell meal and it seemed ‘the small cafe with the green door’ was the place to go. Both of them were on time and the waitress was relaxed knowing them as regulars.

It was a Friday, early evening yet it was just the three of them.

They chatted about their lives, they ate and drank their coffee. They said farewell. Was it the perfect ending? Certainly a perfect evening.




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