The Queen’s funeral

Photo by Max Burchill on Unsplash

It was an unexpected Bank Holiday. I took it as an opportunity to get some through my once again rising mountain of emails, at least 5 hours worth.

Radio 3 maintained its playlist to reflect the final day of ‘National mourning’. I keep returning to religious themes so this reminded me of music for Holy Week just extended by 3 days. By day 10 I have gotten used to it. I enjoy classical music so it wasn't a chore but the theme didn’t lift from the sombre.

Today felt different in how ‘days that feel different’ do. Maybe it was like Christmas day when at 3 pm for the last 70 years the Queen gives her speech aired on radio and TV (can’t remember the last time I listened). It creates a timetable like today at 11 00 am her funeral would occur. There was a sense of getting ready for it even if it was just to listen.

At around 09 30 am I went off for my morning coffee. I did get one but not from my normal outlet. It was closed like most of the town. The video below will give you an idea.

I returned to my email mountain but my mind was on the music and what was happening.

I learned that a pub nearby was opening to let people watch so I decided to pause what I was doing and go to the pub. There were few inside most people probably thought it would be closed.

The anthem by James MacMillan remains with me as I sit and write.

What also stays with me is the man who seems somewhat dishevelled who glued himself to a single screen. Here he was wanting to connect with something bigger than himself. I recognised him as if looking in a mirror.


Below you will find reflections over the last 10 days



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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson


Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.