The Crystal Cathedral

The Hour of Power

By 準建築人手札網站 Forgemind ArchiMedia from Taichung, Taiwan, Taiwan — Philip Johnson — 水晶教堂 Crystal Cathedral 張基義老師拍攝 004.jpg, CC BY 2.0,

I stayed up late last night trying to work through all those films and programmes I had recorded that I have not yet watched. They start in February when I learned how to record from the TV. The display told me there are 48 films. I told myself, “I would watch each for 5 minutes if my attention was not taken I would delete so was the fate of, ‘Move over darling’. Jason Bourne kept my attention which is what kept me up late.

I still got up at 5 30 am but I was asleep by 9 am on the sofa. In between I had watched .

Years ago in my home town in County Armagh, I purchased a book by Robert Schuller of the famed Crystal Cathedral. I can’t recall where I saw a glimpse of the Cathedral but it impressed on my mind. The building as the name indicates is made of glass.

It is quite a story beginning with Robert Schuller senior starting out in the 1950s with a new congregation in Garden Grove, California with its growth culminating in the building of the Crystal Cathedral in 1980.

It was maybe 10 years ago when I saw the Hour of Power advertised on Sky here in the UK that I thought I must tune in. At that time they were still operating from the Cathedral. 6 00 am in those days was not a time I often rose so I did not become a regular viewer.

A few years ago I checked back and was to learn that the Cathedral had been sold to the local Roman Catholic diocese as the Cathedral filed for bankruptcy. Then the other morning when I was up before dawn I tuned in and was impressed with what I saw. Bobby Schuller the grandson of the founder continues the Hour of Power from a smaller but perhaps more suited for TV church.

As someone who has participated in many Church services and watched many Church TV services on Livestream, Youtube and the like it is no easy feat to make church work on TV.

While as a story there is sadness I also find it hopeful in that through Bobby Schuller and no doubt others the church community has survived and with it the Hour of Power.

Tune in on the below link and see what you think.




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