“The course said there are only two options”

A short story

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He had set himself a new year’s resolution that he would date a new woman every week. He was already on dating sites so now he just needed to be assertive and meet his goal.

He discovered, like himself, there are a lot of women out there seeking a new encounter so each week he made his catch.

He then decided it may be more of a challenge to meet someone in the more conventional way. He decided with an interest in meditation he would visit a local group.

He arrived early there was only one other present. He offered to help set up the room. It was as he was about this that she walked in. His brain was already telling him she was the one to catch.

Turned out she was the host of the gathering which made her even more alluring. After the meditation, he was invited for coffee at a nearby cafe.

As he drank his coffee he knew he would have to act differently, this was not an app. He had already decided that he could work this one in parallel with his ‘app catches’.

He returned often enough to be remembered. Meditation followed by coffee.

Soon he was on the email list and it was then he noticed her email. He emailed her and asked her if she would like to meet up for dinner. He had to wait a few days but a reply came. She wasn't so keen on dinner but was happy to have a Saturday morning coffee. This may clash with his weekly date with his ‘app catch’ but he would work it.

They met and he felt there was an energy between them, sexual energy. She made no moves nor he, it was more subtle in person.

He didn't hear from her for a week or so, had she lost interest? He texted her and asked for another coffee meet up. She agreed and again they met. The energy had intensified yet again no moves.

Another week or so passed with no contact from her.

He was house-sitting for a friend, should he up the ante and invite her round one evening? He decided to hide it within other options, a meal or he could go to her place.

It took a while for a hesitant reply to come. After an exchange of texts, she agreed to visit him at the property.

Now he wondered what would happen next would it just be a pleasant evening or would steam rise?

She arrived a little later it was a new development and she was still using an outdated Sat Nav.

It was going to be a pleasant evening until he decided to say it, “You know I fancy you?” She wasn't surprised. She spoke about not wanting a committed relationship he assured her nor did he. He asked to kiss her and she permitted him. Steam rose but not as fast as he hoped.

In the morning he woke to a number of texts from her. He had thought her slow but now she couldn’t get enough of him. He was slightly perturbed, this sounded like a connection different to that of an app.

He made room for her on his Saturday. He could see she was now caught. It was only a matter of time before he bedded her. Could he really ask her to have sex? The course encouraged you to be forward as there will only be two reactions.

He asked her. She again didn't seem surprised but thought it was overly planned for someone who spoke about the moment.

They agreed to meet during the week and on that occasion, the steam rose fast.

She was not to know that he was continuing his ‘app challenge’ and she was only one catch among many.

They met again the following week this time at his place. He was out of food so they walked to a local Indian restaurant.

It was as they returned to his that he told her that he planned on seeing someone that weekend. She asked was it a friend or more. He thought he made it clear, he made it clear.

She was confused. She had let him in and couldn't just walk away.

Over the next 10 days, she remained confused. She spoke with him but no sense came.

He got bolder he told her he had been on another date since the weekend. The course said there are only two reactions.

She seemed to be building something internally. He then snarled at her when she made a comment on a story he told.

He sensed it, something entered the room. Then he saw it, she asked him to leave. He tried the lines he had been coached in trying to put it back on her. She was different, he saw only strength. She repeated her request for him to leave. He could do none else such was the force present.


PS if you changed ‘he’ to ‘she’ and ‘she’ to ‘he’ would the story read differently?



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Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.