The Coronavirus Challenge day 4

Gordie Jackson
2 min readMar 19, 2020

When I look back at this time I will see that this Coronavirus started for me on Monday which means we are now on day 4.

I jumped on the 602 bus at London Colney and thanked the driver for keeping things running as is now my custom. He informed me that Unobus will be moving to a Saturday timetable from Monday.

Got off at my stop near St Albans train station and could see that Mr Slim was open a good sign.

We are now at the point where everyone while waiting for their coffee, is talking freely with each other as we face this common threat.

I move on to the Train station and there are fewer people than ever. I greet the staff and I believe I am the only one who boards the train coming in from London to Luton. I count 5 people get off at Luton.

Nazim is open again but he fears he will close tomorrow and hasn’t a clue when he will return. I get my croissants and express my relief that he is open after being met by a closed shop yesterday lunchtime. He said there was no trade, cost more to keep it open than to close it.

I walked through Luton and again fewer people on the streets. I know regular street faces. Town centres provide company for many people and they are keeping to their routines. I greet the few I know.

I noticed that Savers are now making people queue outside and then letting so many in. I am surprised so many people want cleaning products. I see a few notices displayed, “Shop closed’, ‘We will be closing at 5 today due to staff shortages.’ The door of the Recruitment agency is closed with a declaration about Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the day continues with it distracting everything you do. It reminds me of the Netflix film ‘Bird Box’, but we have yet to find something to detect this invisible force.

I take a stroll out at lunchtime, why are more people wearing masks that previously? The library has shut down half the computers to reduce social contact. The benefits applications section now declare they will only see people with appointments and their staff are wearing gloves.

Costa is now only providing a takeaway service. My reusable cup is now declined by many baristas.

On my way home I decide to stop off at Sainsbury's. I can never remember a time when I have gone into it and left without buying anything. There was nothing to buy.

Marks & Spencer had more so I got something. Both their cafes were closed. That reminds me The Odyssey cinema closed yesterday or Tuesday so it looks like, ‘Just Mercy’ was my last film for a while.

I am interested in how we are all getting through this.

Best, g



Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.