The Art of prayer session 1

Elijah Summer School — Week 2 Day 2, Monday 1st August 2022

Photo by Amaury Gutierrez on Unsplash

I liked the idea of remembering prayers of the past. A prayer that always comes to mind was around the age of 7. I was standing on the upstairs landing of my home. My mother called me and I knew there was a problem. At that moment I paused and said, “Lord if you help me out here I will be good.”

These prayers last in the body and in a manner that may still be being answered in our lives.

As Dana and Baruch led us to think about, ‘What Prayer is?’ I saw my emotions as prayers. How I am feeling tells me how I am and somehow I can make them into prayer.

Their emphasis was on the body, to listen to our bodies and pray with our bodies whether that be in movement or in whatever way the body may be moved.




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson


Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.