That was dynamite!

Oprah’s interview with Megan and Harry

Screenshot of Guardian’s Webpage

There is no need to watch The Crown when you live in the UK you just need to watch the tabloids. This interview is another episode in the longest-running series since I can remember. The difference this episode was dynamite.

“I love it” to use that much overused phrased by reality show judges. I love that Megan in particular but Harry too showed that when you take away the perception we are humans hurting together.

Tyler Perry provides security for the Queen’s grandson. I last heard of Tyler Perry at the funeral of George Floyd when Rev Al Sharpton announced that the same Tyler Perry would cover the costs of the funeral. Hard to fathom that the fourth in line to the throne would be cast adrift. It was when Harry said it was the money his mum had left him that kept them afloat that I felt most connected.

Didn’t it sound like Harry had escaped a cult as he paid tribute to Megan for helping him see that he was a prisoner to the institution? When a guy such as he tells you that he gets so much joy from riding a bike with his son on the back you begin to redefine your idea of ‘Royal’.

Will you ever look at photographs as you have after hearing Megan talk about smiles like masks at a Halloween party.

So many lessons for so many of us.

The Press, you got to back off people’s lives and not act like you have to right to walk in just because.

Institutions, are you listening are just hoping that the people who make you what you are, conform. Conform to what exactly? An idea?

Families, are we available to those who are desperate? Are we their allies of change?

White people, are we prepared to acknowledge our racism and begin to dismantle it?

And all of us, are we prepared to acknowledge our snobbery and welcome all as God’s children?




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson


Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.