Teachers teach, we decide


Preethaji the teacher says that anxiety is a waking dream. In an agitated state I would say or maybe while we dream we are robbed from living fully present. I was thinking, “At least dreams or not nightmares” but they are still not present.

The dream is an imagined state. I like imagination however what I see in her teaching is that there can be a positive to imagination such as when I walking yesterday I was imagining I am walking with Victoria the main character in the book I am reading but there can also be ‘vain imaginations’. Imaginations that generate fear hence rather than walking pleasantly with Victoria she is planning to push me into the traffic.

Do I hear in this teaching that dreaming is for our sleeping and fully present is for our living? Do I hear that while imagination can be positive it has its place and I would do well to be fully in the moment rather than in my imagination even if it is pleasant?

So as she speaks I think of a situation this week that provoked anxiety. Initially, I was held but then I was a bit fearful. Fearful of what? Fearful that the person would if I was totally honest use it against me. Actually I remained honest but behind the scenes, I was tidying up in case they came looking.

Here is the dilemma do you fight against your fear that they will use your honesty against you or do you state it and let them take responsibility for their response?

I have come to believe that teachers can give us insight but we remain agents of free will and we are given the authority to make the decision, that is the power of living. Somewhere between the teachings, we make our decisions. Be wise as serpents as innocent of doves.

Best day,




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