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Monday 5th July 2021

Gordie Jackson
3 min readJul 7, 2021


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I still feel the need for the landline. I jokingly call it ‘The Presidential line’ for the only-begotten. If my mobile is on silent as it is mostly and she really needs to get me she knows to ring it

Due to restrictions, I purchase a new one via ‘Click and collect’ although Argos is only across the way. Nectar wants me to link my account. For the fear of missing out on 14 Rewards points, I do it.

I collect the phone take it home, do what is required and still no line! So it is not the phone after all. This is going to require me to contact Virgin that organisation that seems to want you to do everything but ring them. I do everything they ask to no avail. I take the plunge and phone trying to stay in the moment rather than notice it takes 25 minutes for the phone to be answered. A technician is booked for Wednesday between 8 am and 12 noon.

I attempted to phone my mobile provider to work out why my signal has started disappearing at home. Couldn't find a number to phone as I kept reading ‘how great it is doing everything online’.

In the evening we had our first residents’ directors meeting for over two years. Our oldest resident, aged 98, with the assistance of a neighbour, had his first trip to the pub at the same time.

I got up to greet the Company secretary to be sharply rebuked by the bartender for not wearing a mask. You have to wear a mask when at the bar but not when seated. It feels like a game if you forget the rules the whistle is blown.

I had received a text to say I can set up an App to scan all my documents required for the solicitor. I tried it out to find my devices were not compatible only to read “ Don’t worry just ask a family or friend to use their smartphone”.

I rarely order online and when I do it usually for a book I can’t get. Of course, another password reset and with it an email saying login on ‘top right’. It wasn’t top right it was top left. These sorts of errors cause people like me who have difficulties with these Apps to despair further. Earlier in the day, I had to phone a support line for another App only to find that whoever sent the original email forgot to mention that all letters of your number are to be in lower case. The advisor told me they had receievd100s of calls on this, I suggested they send another email to all concerned.

All this makes me more grateful to the one who ensures the earth does what it does, requiring me simply to breathe in and out.

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