Strait is the gate and narrow is the way

Gordie Jackson
2 min readSep 30, 2022
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Curious verse as strait also means narrow. In contemplating this verse in Matthew chapter 7 verse 14 my imagination brings forth John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress specifically the Wicket gate.

Finding and entering the gate brings him on his journey. The journey is not all pleasant but it is the journey.

Have we entered a gate in our lives? People often refer to ‘The path they took’. If you took ‘a path’ where did it start, for there we will find the gate.

Jesus spoke about being the gate in John 10: 7

When I think of gates I think of side gates. There is normally a gate that takes us unto the main path then as we walk we may notice side gates.

I rarely go down the side gate because it seems to take me away from the main path. The side gate evokes mystery, where does it lead?

I have opened occasional side gates and some have taken me to beauty spots I would otherwise not have known.

When as a nine-year-old I invited Jesus into my life I didn’t realise when he came he brought with him an expansive world. I had yet to develop what was required to see it.

Since then the journey, now in its 43rd year, has been to discover the expanse. It is a bit like our physical world we can stay in our corner or we can venture out and discover how expansive it is. If you can imagine that the expanse of our inner world is greater than the outer world.

My own inner world is full of green fields that I walk in often. Rarely does it rain and the Sun is always glorious. I most often find myself walking alone until I meet someone. Then we walk together and usually sit down for a coffee. We then say farewell and I continue walking until I meet another and then what I just described happens all over again. Occasionally I join an assembly from which I am energised.

It is usually in the outer world that I face challenges, it is as if my inner world is my safe space, heaven. When I face challenges I find myself walking into the inner world to work out how to deal with them.

Please be encouraged to share your inner world story, what does it look like, and who is in it?




Gordie Jackson

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