Stories from January, February and March 2024

A look back

Gordie Jackson
2 min readApr 2, 2024
Photo by gordie jackson on Unsplash

The first quarter of 2024 has already gone and now we are in Spring. A glance at January reminds me of the Interfaith Peace service at St Albans Cathedral and the ‘Peace is every step’ walk in London.

February reminds me of Joan’s death.

I am reminded that March was a month in which I said an earthly farewell to Mr Armstrong and emotions continued to be felt as situations arose. Spring Equinox came and was marked by an International gathering on Zoom, followed quickly by Easter.

Storytelling in the written and at times spoken form has become part of my life. I use it to tell myself what may be happening, and I am happy to share it here on Medium with anyone interested in reading. ‘In the light of another’ is a phrase that has come in recent weeks as I develop my relationship with Sarah. Her presence brings a light that brings a new seeing. I am curious to see by the end of June how often I have used the phrase ‘In the light of another’ or how ‘the light of another’ appears in a story. Best for the day, the month and the quarter. g

The photo was taken at Swansea Bay on Mothering Sunday 2024



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