Spontaneous living or a Portadown experience?

Gordie Jackson
1 min readNov 28, 2022


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If I were to book a flight home on a day when it felt it was right to do

If I were to wander into Belfast and drink coffee from Tim Horton’s

If I were to message people and invite them for coffee and some of them were to show

If I were to show up at the location of their invitation

If I were to walk down the street and meet a school friend as she exchanged a dress

If I were to walk along the road and wave at an old friend driving

If I were to call into a shop and see another old school friend who I hadn't for 30 odd years

If I were to walk over the bridge and see a father walking with his son and then recognise him

If I were to sit and chat with an old-school teacher

If we were to set a time to meet on a Saturday and four of us were to show

If I were to sit in the cafe by the river and spot two old friends

Would this be called ‘spontaneous living’ or ‘a Portadown experience’?




Gordie Jackson

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