Some thoughts as we approach Advent

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When I think of Advent I think of waiting, waiting for Christmas day to open up a present of two. I enjoy wondering and wondering what may be inside the parcel. I may guess socks, a jumper, a book but I will not know until I unwrap it.

I so enjoy the wondering that I learned at Advent that often I may wait days and even a week to open a card or letter. There is something about the wonderment that I enjoy almost separate from the actual opening of the gift. For once the gift is opened the wonderment ends.

For Mary, her advent began with the Angel Gabriel visiting her and telling her that she would give birth to a son of the most High God ( Luke 1–26–38).

Anyone who has been pregnant or followed a pregnancy will know that the baby inside the body of the mother is the greatest gift to be unwrapped. For nine months there is a lot of pondering and wondering preparing those to receive the child.

In one sense that wondering is with me when people speak of the return of Jesus. I find it harder to imagine than his first arrival via natural birth. The notion I have is that he will descend from the sky. I see a man in a parachute jump from a plane.

Perhaps the season of Advent is for us to use our imaginations in thinking about:

  1. Jesus's first arrival, what do we see, what do we hear, what do we feel, what do we touch, what do we taste?

2. Our encounter with Jesus, how was it? Did it happen in a short time or over a period, what was the journey? Although we may have a relationship with Jesus we are in a sense like a pregnant woman who knows the child in their womb but has not yet seen the child in the flesh. How do we imagine Jesus in the flesh, have we encountered him through a person (s)?

3. How do we imagine his return?

As always happy to hear how you got on with the exercises.




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.