So how did the week work out rather than how fear imagined?

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I have just re-read and then published a story I wrote on Sunday.

It reminded me of where I was on Sunday, a place I regularly visit, the place of fear. I was thinking ahead of the week that has just passed. The difference was I had worries about the week of things that had happened only in my mind. The ‘what ifs’.

So what was I bothered about and how did it turn out in reality?

I had received a text from Specsavers in September reminding me I was due my every two-year eye test. I made a note and said to myself I would get to it when the space came. A few weeks passed or maybe months and I printed off that coupon that gives me a discount and put it in my backpack.

Monday morning came and as I sat at my desk working out the week I thought it was a good time to sort out the appointment. As it happened they were offering me one in an hour. I thought I should move with the moment and did. I also booked onto that course that I had been chased on. I even got my 2022 diary. You know it gets to the point usually in December where you need to get another dairy? In my case, I wait until I know if I don't get one my January will become chaotic.

And then there are those tasks that always remind me of building something from nothing. I have a person and then I have what may be called a story to write. I grapple with too much information. I want to understand it as almost as if I am them. That takes time, there is no easy way.

Any yet now it is Friday and whatever happened in the week is now history.

I am looking for the moral in the story? Please tell me.




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.