Wednesday 16th September 2020

Gordie Jackson
2 min readSep 21, 2020

I am over halfway through this self-isolation. T skipped off free after a week. She tells me the test done only 4 days after the first one was negative. That is good news though it also leaves a doubt in my head whether the first test result was accurate. She had no symptoms and developed none. Thankfully neither have I.

I have surprised myself that I have been ok remaining indoors. This is the longest period of my life I have ever remained indoors. I do have a habit of walking from room to room. That has become even more important in isolation. I often imagine myself living in a treehouse. I live on the first floor placing me level with the branches of the trees that surround me. I also imagine myself living on a boat. The boat image has been more present than the Treehouse in isolation. I imagine myself moving through different parts of the boat. I see it as a two-week journey and somehow this all helps.

The groceries come via T or a friend so I am not short on supplies. The weather has become more important particularly the sun as with each movement the light changes in the front room. That is a change and a beautiful one telling me that we are moving towards our destination.

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