Our true beliefs show up in how we live

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In the conversation which followed the Global Meeting for Worship on Wednesday night the subject of healing arose. Divergent views were aired. It was the one that suggested the claims that George Fox (the founding face of Quakerism) healed people were those of well-intended people but that they were not true that stayed with me.

A question arose, “What do I take from those who claimed to have healed if I believe they were overly enthusiastic claims?”

I also discovered research into healing by VID University in Oslo (click on the underlined words to view it)

In a brief overview, I am sure I counted 3 reported healings from cancer. Many of the others are healings of emotions.

I have had an interest in the supernatural and paranormal at least since I understood the words. I want to be open to possibilities that may blow my mind!

So based on the research from VID people may report healing after prayer or a spiritual experience. So in that sense, I can’t dispute reports of healing by George Fox, Jesus or any other.

The question may be what creates the healing? If we consider psychotherapy or indeed the many therapies and positive thinking techniques many people as recipients of them claim to have had ‘healing experiences’. I am not aware of any claims of physical healing as a result of psychotherapy however I came across the research below which showed (if I have read it correctly) that those who coped better with ‘diabetes-related foot ulcers’ healed more quickly.

I believe it is possible through belief to rewire the brain. Indeed how our brain functions at least a part of it is based on the beliefs it has absorbed since birth? Hence the need for counselling to help us rewire those limiting and unhelpful beliefs.

What can we say about ourselves beyond our physical bodies? My answer is that since we were on the planet we have acted and then we have developed beliefs and systems of beliefs. Religions and particularly religious texts have evidenced this. So could we say, “We are what we believe?”

It seems the question that follows is, “What do we believe?” Everyone has beliefs as not to have means, I think, nothing would get done. At its simplest to rise out of our slumber must be due to a belief if only a belief that we need to eat.

If you or I want to know what we believe we only need to look at how we live. We live out our beliefs rather than believe and then live. To return to George Fox he asked, “What canst thou say?” He didn’t want to know what you thought about anyone else including Jesus and the Bible he wanted to know what you have experienced and from it speak.

We may believe something because it has been taught to us but true belief comes after the personal experience. Indeed I accept that the experience is a personal interpretation.

So when it comes to physical healing it is the same as all other beliefs, do we believe it is possible? Is it our experience? We may believe it is right to treat all people equal but to what degree do we live out of that belief. Perhaps the challenge with healing is it is obvious whether we are ill or not whereas with other beliefs it is less obvious to us although maybe more so to others.

Further thoughts in the video below




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Gordie Jackson


Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.