Only others can tell whether we are a bitter or sweet taste

Gordie Jackson
2 min readOct 17, 2022


Photo by Skylar Zilka on Unsplash

I didn’t get to a Meeting of Friends yesterday as I am part of an old work group that decided to do a Murder Mystery adventure around London Bridge. It was enjoyable but I still missed my hour of silence.

I also missed the CLC group on Thursday as I was at the Napo conference. CLC is a contemplative group. So I sit here on the wooden floor of my living room pondering the words of Jesus as recorded in Matthew chapter 7 verses 15 to 23.

“Watch out for false prophets they come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are vicious wolves.”

It is always easier to think of the other. I had an experience in the last year that comes to mind when I read that. They seemed so genuine and perhaps in their own head they were but sheep did suddenly appear as wolves.

If I think of myself I could change the word ‘prophet’ for ‘motive’. You know how you think your motive is good but soon you realise it is not so. Like you appear open to anyone wanting to attend an event but there are certain people you would rather not see.

“By their fruit, you will recognise them.”

So it will not be as it was for Little Red Riding Hood’s granny who sensed there was something different about her granddaughter, it will be the path they leave behind. Better include ‘the path I will leave behind.’ Do they, do I, leave behind people bruised or flourishing?




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