My earthly father

As I head towards 50 I want to say some thank yous

Image by Dawnyell Reese from Pixabay

If there is a mother there is a father too. This child contains not only the DNA of both but their dreams and wishes. The difficulty, the genes that may be dominant in the parents are halved when it comes to the child and so your child may not display what is obviously part of you.

God did not design the world to reproduce clones rather by bringing two people together another unique soul would be born. But keeping this with the notion that the child chooses it parents means also that the child chooses its first teachers. The teaching, of course, is all of life not just a segment of it.

My father desired a son who would be a footballer. He had been one and as is many parents hope their child will take over where they left off and become greater. But this kid was not going to be a footballer. At times I tried knowing how important it was to him but that only showed up that those genes of playing football did not fall my way.

The teaching here (not to be known until many years later) was to go with what you have not what others may wish for themselves in you. I did inherit something of his strong opinions, vibrant emotions and his cheeky ways although I was a younger model and had as you would expect my own style.

Is that the beauty of our children? If we wait they will rise in their own way and style. Life is primarily a force that occupies our bodies and it is for us to go with how it wants us to go.

Best day,




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.