Moments of Change

Elijah Interfaith Summer School 2022 — day 4

Inside Al Aqsa gjphotoWed27072022

“We are people of the spirit”. I can never be sure I heard right but if it was to this I said “Amen”. We were meeting with a Qadi (a Judge of a Sharia Court) in the open air so that we may learn something about how the Sharia Courts operate in the state of Israel.

Amongst everything I heard this phrase stood out. The conversation had moved on from how Israel permits religious courts for Jews, Muslims and Christians to determine Family Law matters. We were talking about the Temple Mount and who could do what and when on it. The Qadi in his statement was declaring his way through the difficulties by separating the politics of this place from the spirit.

gjphoto 27072202

Elijah provides a rich experience demonstrated by us moving from the Qadi to the Imperial Hotel to meet with Mohammed Dajani.

Right now I am pressed for time however you can read Dajani’s story in the link below. I was moved by hearing his moments of change hence my entry in the Hotel’s guest book above.




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Gordie Jackson

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