Life situations are like stories with a beginning, middle and end

Gordie Jackson
1 min readApr 9, 2020
Quiet Waters

You know how it is you are working something through and then you come to a place where you feel, “ I have used all my energy, I have battled with this and here I am.” I believe I am at that place where I just have to now let go and let whatever may be, be.

I have not found it easy living with the current situation and some of the implications of it. I have tried and now come to a place where ‘it is what is it’. In a sense no emotion, that has been worked through or out, just almost fact, this is it.

Life situations that come upon on are a bit like a story with a beginning , middle and end. It is often that we don’t know which part we are in yet whatever part we are working the story / the situation out.

Meanwhile, nature both in reality captured on video and camera will provide a holding space for which I am truly thankful.

Telford Bridge, London Colney gjphotosApril 2020

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