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Not only do I get drunk on a film but I seem to take whatever I am offered. My local cinema offers one film, it is still in the original turn of the 20th-century picture house.

When I saw last Friday it was ‘Jaws’ I was initially reluctant. Curiously as I toyed with the thought I had an insight. It went like this,

The question, “What doesn’t want to go?”

The reply, “Prejudice”

“I see so it is ‘prejudice’ that is telling me not to go. If that is so it is ‘prejudice’ that tells me go at other times.”

In that moment I saw that most of my life is driven by prejudical thoughts, doing what it likes, not doing what it doesn’t. But I am not ‘prejudice’ therefore I can’t be limited by prejudice one way or the other so I decided I am going.

It felt like going back to 1975 watching the film and remembering trips to the beach.

I was impressed with the ‘Jaws’ model it was realistic. I was also impressed that the craftmanship of the film held our attention for what was the interaction between three men on a fishing trawler. Yes, Jaws may have been the focus but the content was how the three interacted.




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