It isn’t just America in crisis!

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

First, there was COVID 19 and now we are in what CNN calls, ‘America in Crisis’. It isn’t just America. George Floyd’s death has opened up new light on racism that is revealing what many of us with white skin have never seen before. Some of us may have thought we had done our work on racism but now we can see that it goes much deeper in us than we ever imagined. Unresolved issues prevent us all from living in the fullness of life. It is looking like we have not truly faced the legacy of the enslavement of black people.

As the statue of Edward Colston was cracked from its plinth so too were many of us opened up to a new light revealing the depth of racism within us and the structures and institutions of our society. Just as we had tolerated statues such as Colston so too we had tolerated a level of racism perhaps without ever knowing or justifying it as, ‘being off the past’. Now we face a choice to let the day pass or do more work while the sun shines.

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Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.

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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.

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