I’m excited just like when I was a kid

Friday 24th September 2021


The idea of going somewhere for a few days seemed to open my imagination. What would the place be like? What about the people? Who may I meet? What may happen?

A few days away opened up countless possibilities.

Now I know the place I am going let’s call it ‘my secret place’ just to get your imagination going with mine. It is sufficient ‘travel time’ away to make me feel I am away. It is secluded that creates in my mind ‘an invisible spot’. A place that is removed from everything that may bother me, here I can just be. It is as if you leave the world behind as you enter a different plane.

In death, we take nothing with us only our spirit and in a sense, this journey is like that although the body gets to come.

It is slightly different this time as others are also making the journey and when we meet like assembled guests in a remote location (begins to sound like an Agatha Christie novel) we will begin to explore ‘The movement of becoming’. The scene is set by the organiser in the following words,

I had noticed this weekend. I wondered, should I? There were a few barriers they disappeared and it seemed the path opened.

It comes at a good time just into Autumn and after six weeks of personal change.

As I sit in the cafe before I am about to drive my imagination wonders with the questions. I like to capture the ‘before feeling’.


Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.