If you listen carefully the silence is beautiful

Words taken from Boulder Friends Facebook page

Image by Анатолий Стафичук from Pixabay

Life almost feels monastic. I have spent more time at home than ever and somehow I have become at ease with it. After weeks if not months of struggling with the changes Covid 19 brought about, space became available. When that happens I see more clearly, I can lift my eyes to the horizon to see what else may lie ahead. The thought came to me, “Look and see what other Quaker meetings are happening online and go visit.”

Well, that set me on a path that has developed something of a routine. Woodbrooke the UK’s national Quaker college is doing an outstanding job at hosting Meetings for Worship (MfW). There are meetings online every day except Saturday. I have attended every day of this last week either early morning or late evening. Sure I sit in silence with myself but there is something more to sitting with 30 or more others from around the UK and the world. Knowing it happens at a certain time focusses me and disciplines me during it. I can’t quite explain why I am so excited about silence to myself never mind you.

That said I joined a silent group for half an hour. It wasn’t a Quaker meeting hence there was no facility for the possible vocal ministry. That showed me that I am not just developing a relationship with silence it is a relationship with God.

I wrote in my journal while reflecting on the experience,

“That silence for silence sake is ok but it is like having sex with a contraceptive.”

Silence for me is an intimate encounter with the divine with the potential something will be conceived that is life-enhancing.

That is probably what I find exciting this fusion between me, others and the divine.

Best day,




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.