If we were a character in a painting could we live with that?

Sunday 20th September 2020

A postcard of Constable Haywain

I was running short of soya milk and I can’t have my granola without it. T hadn't stopped off to get any. It was 2 weeks since she had returned from holiday so two weeks of self-isolating were coming to a close. Neither of us had any symptoms and she tested negative 10 days ago. But to my surprise, I wasn’t rushing to go to the shops.

I looked out the window and thought how beautiful everything was. I am not sure what has happened in the last two weeks but how the sun shines on the trees it just something. I felt like a character in a 3 D painting.

I don’t need to go outside the frame for everything within the frame is beautiful. I am trying to convey what I mean and yet I find myself struggling. The image of a scenic painting is the best I can describe. Take a painting such as Constable’s ‘The Hay Wain’ and imagine you are the man driving the horses. Now imagine that he can only drive them as far down the river as the painting goes. He can go up and down the river but not outside the frame. He can walk over the fields, he can chat with his friend and he can play with his dog but that is his world. Imagine that he is happy with that and you get an idea of how I feel.

Best day


A photo I took the last time I was there 5th April 2015

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