“I will teach you”

Saturday 17th September 2022

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Lord, you said you would teach me so here I am. I know I think big, “Yes God can teach me. So I accept it may be just me but maybe not.”

What do I need to be taught?

Well, why have you been reading that huge commentary in the Cathedral library on Genesis?

Why have you been looking at the Yale Bible Study?

Is it my turn to answer?

I suppose because I want to connect with you and the books of the Bible help me do that. I always go to Genesis because I am always trying to start again.

So what do you want to know?

What do I need to know?

You already know all that.


The disciples got 3 years the rest of their time was to live it out.

So the challenge is when you face difficulties you live out what you know.

It is what we do now. So there is plenty of adventure if you have become more attuned to me you will be able to be guided in everything you do just like this.

If I said, “Give up your job!” That would put you on an adventure for I know you, you would worry about how you were going to live like the time in Galway.

It could be equally challenging to stay in that job and do over the hours which you are doing.

I know you are listening to the teaching of Krishnamurti which gives a way of trying to live. You have been trying to use the idea that there is no psychological time to deal with work. You are looking for magic to deal with the difficulties. These are not new you have been through this before but as I say this is about living out what you know.

What about sex? do you mind?

Interesting because the Bible would say steer clear, at least your conditioned understanding of it, what do you think I would say?

That you understand the needs of a person and without a partner, they would need to do it themselves.

Does there always need to be a rule? It is best sometimes for people to work it out for themselves. It is probably because of rules that people feel the shame and guilt often associated with their sexual desires.

You have kind of worked it out that it is a desire to connect with another even in one’s imagination. And indeed it is through the imagination that you connect with me. It is about being intimate which is about removing all the layers and being seen for who you are and being accepted for who you are. Probably the reason you are writing this!




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Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.