I thought God didn’t sleep?

Photo by Minnie Zhou on Unsplash

I was reminded in this last week how religious texts can stimulate but also limit. My mind and probably my soul were pondering this when the story of Adam came. I reached for my Bible and read what I had thought that God asked Adam where he was. He didn’t post him a letter, he didn't send him a book via Amazon he called out, “Where are you, Adam?”

This is my God the one who has relationships. I found myself pondering this further in Meeting this morning. I wondered would I minister drawing on it but then the thought began before Meeting. Perhaps the discipline of holding our thoughts is part of our practice in Meeting. I found myself thinking that religious texts are like grandpa’s letter to grandma during the war. They tell a story that are inspired by love and can inspire love but they are not my story. My story is the present one, my relationship with God now and what has gone before. As God spoke to Adam he speaks with me and I to him.

A friend joined our Meeting this morning via Zoom from Canada. It was a meeting absent of human voices and perhaps aware that she had never experienced a Quaker Meeting I was trying to translate the silence for her. An image came to mind. Often when my daughter was a baby she would sleep on my chest. I remember watching her and feeling content as she slept. This morning it felt like God was asleep upon my chest and I was watching and content. Another voice protested, “But God can’t be a baby upon your chest!”

And then I saw the baby Jesus and the contentment of his parents as he slept. And then I saw the disciples discontent as he slept on the boat as the storm raged. They woke him up and he wasn't best pleased. Some Meetings are silent and best that way lest we speak and interrupt the sleep of God.




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.