I and the snail have something in common

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Gordie Jackson
2 min readJun 24, 2021
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I awoke and seemed organised before I started, “How does that happen?” It continued throughout the day, somehow things worked! I hear someone whisper, “It was grace.” Well let’s have grace every day, can we?

I was so buoyed that I decided it was time to phone the handy person and get a handle on a door fixed. It has needed fixing for maybe 18 months, with some things I take my time. I phoned him and he told me he had returned to Civil Engineering as all his kids were grown up. It had been five years since I last phoned him.

I was talking about what puts me off doing some things the other day I have this fear that I am going to be ripped off or it going to be more of a problem than it is currently. The surveyor postponed her appointment and I thought this is my opportunity to get this sorted. I reckoned if I am trusting the surveyor I can trust a handyperson.

So I spoke to one and he said minimum call out £50. My inner checker said, “No, too much”. He reduced it to £40 my inner checker still said, “No”.

It is one of those difficulties of living in an area where you didn't grow up you never know ‘who’s who’ like you did at home (I could be excusing myself). I sent an email to someone who knows and posted a request on the village Facebook page.

My spirituality reflects this approach both as a Quaker and an Ignatian practitioner. In both, you wait until you are moved. There is usually no quick movements. You allow things to unfold ( I could be excusing myself again).

I take this slow approach to many aspects of my life yet when I took it towards being vaccinated I was viewed by one as being anti-vaccine, their judgement my style.




Gordie Jackson

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