How to explain Non-duality from a Krishnamurti perspective

Gordie Jackson
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I was struggling to explain non-duality (not separate) to which Chai said, “If you are struggling to explain it you probably don’t understand it yourself.”

I thought I better look again and see if I could extract some key points that may help explain it to myself and perhaps Chai.

In the booklet ‘Krishnamurti, An Introduction’ (Krishnamurti Foundation Trust 2023) it reads,

“…. he often refused to define ….. the fundamentals in life that he explored….in positive terms, instead approaching them negatively:

Actually, what is religion? To find out what religion is, we must negate what it is not. Then it is. The same with Love, Love is not hate, jealousy ambition or violence — so when you negate all that, the other is, which is compassion. In the same way, if you negate what is not religion, you will find out what is true religion.”

It then goes on to describe how ‘to see’.

“It is clear that we operate from the past, and indeed consist of the past, so in looking at the world, our life or a problem, can we see afresh, free of the past, without thought? This seeing without the observer, and the realisation that the observer is the thing observed, is fundamental to the possibility of transformation.”

I sense that there is seeing beyond the self what some refer to as ‘The Witness’

Then there is the living as a dead person. A quote is given,

“Death is an ending of the things you are attached to — your furniture, your face, your ideals, or whatever is. You have brought this faraway thing called death to the immediate action of life, which is the ending of your attachment. So death means a total renewal, a total renewal of the mind that has been caught in the past. So the mind becomes astonishingly alive, it is not living in the past.”

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