Have you noticed people talking about their trees being pollarded?

The view from my window

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I have never sat looking out of my bedroom window at much as in the last 3 months. Actually, I have never sat in my bedroom as much and I have lived here for almost 23 years.

Since I discovered the ironing board my life has not been the same. I don’t mean for ironing I mean for the laptop. I have gotten creative with it, I throw over a thingamajig. What do you call, not exactly a blanket nor exactly a table cloth? Whatever it is, one of them. It works so well and brings me joy every time. I think of how it has improved working on the laptop at home. Previously it was awful as I sat with a box on my lap with the laptop on top of it and a suitcase as a footrest.

Yesterday I wrote about being able to watch, “ Who blocked in the bins this week?” Today I watched as the arborists do whatever arborists do to trees. Suddenly there was a lot of light flooding into the room but I missed the leaves and the branches that disappeared. I hope no birds lost their home.

If I hadn’t have watched I don’t think I would have appreciated the work that went into cutting the trees back. I watched as the guys felt celebratory on the completion of their task. I hadn’t cut the tree back but I understood what it means to finish a task that is a challenge.

I noticed how people at this time of year talk about their trees being pollarded. Didn’t hear the word before until I asked Google. It seems somehow to correspond to our lives. I was thinking, like that tree being pollarded I need a hair cut. I noted that the tree was still intact just the top branches were cut back. If I were a tree I reckon I do better to have my top branches at 1 & 1/2. I look more youthful whereas this over 3-month growth is beginning to make me look like, ‘an old boy’.

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Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.