Has anyone else noticed the music in the film Babylon?

Gordie Jackson
2 min readMar 5, 2023
The photo was taken of the front cover of the local cinema programme

There was something about this image that made me think, “I got to see this film”. Looking at it now after I have watched it I can see the sensuality of the photo. Maybe my unconscious recognised it. I would like to think it was the redness of the photo.

I hadn't realised it was certified 18 until it flashed up on the screen. It wasn't long before I could see why. I had never thought of Holywood being built in what seemed to be the wilderness and that the silent film industry made plenty of noise off-set.

The film lasts 3 hours and I would say divides into three parts, beginning with silent film in the 1920s moving into films with sound in the 1930s and then bringing to a conclusion the lives of the characters, Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt), Nellie Laroy (Margot Robbie) Manny Torres ( Diego Calva).

I took my first break for a cup of tea about an hour in thereafter the story held.

What was different about this film was that the music was obvious and stayed with me. I am not sure any other movie has done that!

Justin Hurwitz the composer achieved this!




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