Getting used to the new normal

Gordie Jackson
2 min readJun 26, 2020
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It was so hot. It always takes me back to 15 years ago when the summers in the south of England became so hot that for the first time I wore shorts to an office. I tried not to be casual styling in my head as a Bermudian Police officer but it didn’t work and that one person who exists let me and everyone else know it. It didn’t put me off instead I took myself that night to Next and tried a restyle. It worked better. I am not at the point of shorts this year yet.

I got the bus and train yesterday donning my facemask on entry. Few people on either. It was good to return to some routines, a tea at Mr Slim’s and at the station, on the other side, the cafe had also reopened. I did think the owner had become a welder as he greeted me with a full face mask. It has been four months since I last saw him so I was glad he survived.

Most towns seem to have instituted pedestrian traffic systems. In Luton, they have painted the signs on the paths.

It is no longer looking like ‘ghost towns’ with enough people traffic to give a sense of normality. You can tell the most popular shops with the ‘January like sales’ queues outside them. Primark seems to be no.1.

I could get ‘a tea’ at lunchtime but find your own place to sit.

I appreciated hearing again the sounds of the street, the music, the different languages all signs that humans are beginning to do what they do again.

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