Get drunk on a film

Benediction, Goodfellas and Nicolas Cage

Gordie Jackson
2 min readJun 19, 2022
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On Thursday I had such a day of it that as I drove home I thought, “Should I go to the local (one-screen) cinema?” Some people get drunk I get drunk on a film. I thought, “I don’t even want to know the film whatever it is I will watch it.” I also knew I would likely be late, but that didn't matter I just wanted to get drunk!

I then play this game with myself, “ If the car goes left I will go if it doesn't I won't.” The car went left. When I bought my ticket at least half an hour had already passed. Did I say the film was ‘Goodfellas’?

I picked up the story and got drunk on it.

I had been at the cinema on Sunday. I don't think I had been since Belfast in January. Being isolated due to ‘Covid strike 2’ the week before seemed to prompt me to ‘get out more’. Sunday's film was Benediction. It told the story of Siegfried Sasson’s life. Sasson's name has stuck with me since reading his poetry at school. He had a colourful life, from an Army officer denouncing the war and having relationships with men to marrying his wife. This was more of a slow drink than a getting drunk film.

Well between Covid confinement and the demands of the week I decided I would go again to the cinema tonight. As some go to the bar I go to the cinema. Now the title of this did not sound good but you know what, It did the trick, it got me lost. I might even say this is Nicolas Cage at his best. If you want to see the other side of being a movie star this is the film.

Speaking of films I had a moment this morning when I thought I was on a set. I met a friend for morning coffee and decided to try out the Beech House, I was impressed by the spaciousness and the decor.




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