Gardens grow, how do we?

Where does growth come?

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The other night I met with some friends as we looked at the booklet produced by Quakers in Britain, ‘Owning power and privilege’

Often it is the case that you embark on something with a set of ideas in your head. I guess it gets us going but soon we find that ‘the quest’ takes on a life of its own and we do well to listen to where it is wishing to bring us.

For some years Quakers have wanted to examine themselves in relation to diversity particularly with regards to race. Possibly prompted by the lack of people with other than white faces amongst its numbers.

I struggle when organisations want its members to look at particular issues that I don’t feel particularly ‘live to’ yet I also know that being challenged to look where I may not naturally go can propel us into change.

Climate change has been the other significant matter that Quakers have been contending. I found looking at Climate Change and my response to it more challenging to go to than the issue of racial diversity. I guess it shows up the different inclinations and disinclinations within us. I mention this as in understanding this for myself helps me understand it for others. In the same way that I may not be ‘feeling it’ concerning climate change, another may not be ‘feeling it’ about racial diversity.

It was as we shared our responses to the booklet that I felt deeply that growth comes when it comes. I want to be authentic in my approach and life and wish to steer clear of ‘going along with the party line’ just to be part of a group, therefore, I must hold this compass not only for myself but for others.

I also know that my changes have come through being with those who have challenged my beliefs and way of being. Usually not immediately but over time as I have been allowed the space to reflect and question. On some matters it has taken me years. I think what matters is that we embark on a journey and allow it to do whatever it wishes to do to us.

Eashao said, “Come follow me” did they who did have any idea of what that would mean?

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Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.