Focus on the one person, the one thing, complete and then move to the next one

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Lord, I returned. I was up for it. So what happened? There was a sense of normal although there were only a few of us.

There was rescheduling. Some names I see have my mind producing dramas, what may this mean?

I am feeling disorientated. I decide to go for lunch. Things are not back to normal. It is raining heavily. That doesn't bother me so.

I am alert, I am aware, too aware. The awareness that makes you aware of your insecurities. The awareness that you don’t need right now as you are trying to deal with all these matters that are hitting you. Did I relax too much? That is a good thing. But the pace is so fast that you are not ready for it when you step back on.

My phone is telling me another wants me to do something. Where is the break? A friend has opened a new cafe yet I am distracted. That two world thing where you are physically in one world yet my mind is in another.

I have arranged to meet a friend. I am still feeling disorientated. I don’t feel sheltered. Am I more aware of what has yet to be done? Come on you have got to appreciate what you have done.

It feels like survival I am not sure that it is a good sign.

Best day,




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson


Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.