Finding our way home

Reflecting on The Hymn of the Pearl

Gordie Jackson
2 min readFeb 10, 2021
Photo by Steffan Mitchell on Unsplash

When I was eighteen I worked in a local hotel and I was offered a job as a trainee manager. I was flattered and said yes only to go back and say thank you but I had a sense that this was not my stopping off point.

A few years later an old flame asked would I marry her again I was knocked off my feet and said yes only to go back after a time and say (it was much harder) thank you but I had a sense that this was not in my plan.

When I recall these stories I ask myself, “Where was I getting this sense of plan?” Honestly, I don’t know exactly.

As a child my imagination and my curiosity held me. I could imagine the future and my curiosity took me beyond my bounds. Unfortunately as an adolescent, I got thrown off course however even then I had a sense of direction. My energy was raw and I had not yet grown to the maturity to handle it and used it in the immediate. In time events would occur that would bring me to a realisation that this was not my path.

Empty of distractions I was now more ready to find the pearl.

For Moses to gain the pearl meant to face Pharoah and to lead his people out of Egypt and that took the remainder of his life. For Jesus to gain the pearl he had to be put to death and in his death, he took the pearl and brought it into new life.

In waking from my own slumber and remember who I am I now go the places of the devouring serpents and awaken others to who they are and together we return home.




Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.