Fear like breath seems to be always around

Photo by Simon Watkinson on Unsplash

Don’t be afraid. I am forever saying this. Fear comes up a lot. It was said to Mary by Gabriel and as you often recall Jesus said it to his disciples on the boat when the storm blew up. I know it is one of the first images that comes to you when you think of a story that will help people. And yet once again I am saying it to you.

Faith is like breath you need it each moment, fresh. Fear just seems to be like dirt in that even when you clean you have to clean again. And so it is that faith has to keep coming as you keep turning to me. You have the faith, I am the fulfiller.

You are doing what you know not to, you are already in tomorrow when it doesn’t exist. You are doing tasks that have not yet been set. And with it, you are creating fear. Is it a surprise? No, because you are trying to do something that is imagined. You are trying to eat in a dream.

So as your breath comes receive it and so too this moment of life.



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