Desert Island Discs with the Super vet

Friday 16th July 2021

Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

I don’t know from where the tiredness came but after lunch yesterday Thursday I was ready to sleep. Once home I ate and then lay on the bed not waking until I heard Tee’s keys in the door, it was gone midnight.

Driving up the M1 this morning I came upon Desert Island discs the BBC Radio 4 programme that interviews a person and asks them to tell the story of the music they would play on a desert island. This morning’s guest was Noel Fitzpatrick. Now I am aware of him being Channel’s 4 super vet but that was about all. Yet after listening for 15 minutes as I drove I was quite taken by what he said.

He said he had never worked a day in his life. He saw his work as his passion, doing what he loved. That made me think could I say the same. Howard Thurman said something similar he said do what brings you alive. At one time I would have said it but if you become overburdened it is like the Golden Goose she stops laying her eggs. Instead of valuing the gift people bring we begin to expect and demand.

He works so many hours that he doesn't have the time for a relationship. It seems all his passion is placed in helping animals. Makes me think that we can be so single-minded about our vision that it is difficult to accommodate another. His father sounded the same giving all his time to farming and not being bothered with materialism. His mother learned to live with her disappointments as his father worked until his work was done and not by a clock. Maybe seeing this influenced his own decision about work and relationships.

His introductions to why the songs he chose mattered gave me a new perspective on the songs and touched me all the more.

If you wish to listen the link is below.




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.