Conversations with God / Moses

Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

In this time of thinking about conversations with God after Jesus, Moses appeared.

GJ: “Hi Moses, hope you don’t mind me joining you here at the Burning Bush (sounds like a good name for an English pub).”

M: “Listen mate after that experience it is reassuring to see someone.”

GJ: “I have only ever read about it. Was it as the story reads? You were out looking after the sheep when you noticed a bush burning. You had a look and as you looked God’s voice came.”

M: “I am glad someone wrote it down as so much happened that I could easily forget the detail.”

GJ: “If you don’t mind I would like to hear the account from you I have read it many times.”

M: “Yes I know what you mean. I thought I knew God well from the stories that were told but as you mention it is one thing to think this, another to read and quite another to hear. It was simply something else.

A burning bush but not burning of itself would be a sight but when a voice comes from it identifying itself as God well the bush becomes a background.

There is so much to say, think about that declaration “I am has sent me to you”. Before everything I AM. There is no need to say more as people always do, “I am a prince, I am a leader” and so forth. If it is good enough for the creator to say only ‘I am’ it is good enough for me.

Yet actually I shrunk back because I defined myself as ‘I am’ not a good speaker. Crazy really I am in a conversation with the Almighty speaking through a burning bush and yet I still fall back into ‘everyday thinking’.

He knew that although I left my people my heart never left them maybe that is the reason he came to me. He then tells me to go back to where I left and tell Pharoah to let the people go. And there was me fearing Pharoah when I am having a conversation with the Almighty.

I mean if I said to you, “ Who would you fear most the Almighty or a human leader?” You are not going to say a human leader yet I said the opposite.

That said he still believed in this coward. He took my staff and turned it into something of a wand.

GJ “ It makes me think he took you and made you into one of the greatest leaders who have ever lived.”

M: “ You are right there ‘he made me into’. It didn't come in the moment. Sure the experience will never leave me but most often it is believing without seeing. I still had fear and all of the other human emotions but I also knew what I experienced and that gave me the encouragement when I needed it.”


Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.