Conversations with God/ Eve

Gordie Jackson
2 min readOct 10, 2021
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GJ: “Well they say there is no show without Punch so while I am here I thought I would get your view Eve.”

Eve: “Well you probably think like most that I am to blame for listening to the serpent and then offering the apple to Adam.

Yet God had said don’t eat of the Tree of Good and Evil. But as you now know if someone says “Don’t” it creates intrigue. I mean what was the point of having the tree if we couldn’t eat off it?

I heard the request but I didn't really understand it. When the serpent who at that time was just like any creature posed the question my lack of understanding arose.

Have you had the experience of believing something and then you see the truth which takes away the mystery of not knowing?”

GJ: “Yes I recall discovering the proposed list of prefects at school. We robbed ourselves of the moment when it was announced.”

Eve: “ Yes good example what we do may well be given to us if we waited. A bit like when your grandmother said, “The cake may look ready but it isn't just yet.”

It wasn’t as deliberate as people think. I had no idea that the serpent was out to deceive. His question made me question myself, maybe I had heard wrong.

The big issue was involving Adam in it.

It is like the effect of eating it hadn’t yet kicked in, it did when we both had eaten.

People often wonder what was it that caused us to cover up.

We hadn't been aware of our nakedness. The knowledge of good and evil means that for every good thought, you can also have an evil one.

From here on life was about choosing the good and restraining the evil. None of us wins all of the time.”

GJ: “It seems to me having listened to you Eve that I probably would have eaten the fruit. Perhaps anyone who wouldn’t could save the rest of us.”




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