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Neale Donald Walsch wrote a series of books with the above title this is not about those books.

Our contemplative group has for the moment moved away from following a set reading allowing space to see what may come.

I sat down on the sofa and hugged myself around its arm that is nearest the window, the place I like to contemplate. I sit and wait. Most often something comes and yesterday it was ‘Conversations with God’. A number of figures came to mind and I thought it would be interesting to talk with them about their conversations with God.

The first character that came to mind was Jesus no surprise there I guess. The scene was his temptations.

GJ “It was after you were baptised by John that the temptations occurred.”

JC “Yes that’s right. I didn't see them coming but they did.”

GJ “Your story came to mind but I can’t recall you actually speaking to God at that time.”

JC “Perhaps it is a good place to start as it is a conversation with the devil. To know the voice of God you would do well to know the voice of the devil.”

GJ “ Yes I noticed he came after you spent 40 days fasting.”

JC “Yes often the devil’s voice will come when we are weak, vulnerable. He picks his moments.”

GJ “Not a surprise when we are down on ourselves we seem to have the ability to keep descending.”

JC “You will also have noticed that he begins with a doubt, “If you are ……”. God never speaks like that he already knows who you are. He always speaks encouragement first. If there is something to be said he will say it but always from a place of love.”

GJ “The devil kind of revealed himself when he moves off questioning who you are and then attempts a deal. He still has an ‘if’ ‘if you worship me….’ I will give you the kingdoms’.

JC “Yes he introduces conditions whereas God speaks without conditions. Well, there may be conditions but not before love. Love is always present and any conditions will come after love.”

GJ “So if God is speaking we will always feel love regardless of what is said and he will never question who we are though he may question what we do.”

JC “ You have been speaking to him for a long time yourself so you don’t need me to answer that question.”


Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.