Conversations in heaven

Campsite somewhere in Luxembourg 1990

I have this notion of heaven.

I arrive and I walk and walk through green fields, the sun is always shining. Every so often I come across someone at a coffee shack and sit and have coffee.

I don’t recall arriving I am just here about to walk through the fields. I hear a voice and recognise the man instantly as God.

God: “Hey before you start walking let’s have a chat I have just brewed some coffee for us.”

“You see G you tend to race ahead and not fully experience the start.”

Me: “Do I?”

God: “I think so!”

Me: “You know this place reminds me of a spot in the Black Forest. I have a photo somewhere of it let me see if I can find it.”

Found it! Black Forest 1990

“And what you have just said reminds me of once we went on holiday to Dunkirk. Dunkirk is a short distance from the ferry port on the French side. I deliberately decided to do that for the reason you state, “To fully experience the start.”

“I understand your point, so often we want to get so far into something that we don’t appreciate our starting point.”

Dunkirk, France 2005

“While we are talking, you are the man to ask, I have a group tonight and we are looking at the section in the ‘Sermon of the Mount’ about fasting. What’s your take on it?”

God: “Hold on here comes someone you need to be introduced to, I believe you refer to him often as Eashoa?”

( When speaking with God I saw many faces of older men who have I connected to (father figures) in the course of my life. I also began to see the faces of mothers, brothers and sisters)

Jesus: “So G I am ……………….”

I hear no name just “I am.”

Jesus aka Eashoa: “Fasting is tied up with spending; to fast is to exercise a greater degree of control over your body in a similar way to you exercising control over another part of your life.”

Me: “I haven't fasted for a long time. I recall in Galway 30 years ago fasting for a week. Yes, it certainly made me more focussed on you two as I was hungry, in my hunger I looked to you for strength. But it seemed to get caught up with ego. It reminded me of weightlifters with those who could do the heaviest weighs saying, “ Look what I can do!”

Galway 1990

Hey guys it feels like my time has gone and earth is pulling me back. Next time we got to walk and talk. Thanks for the coffee.




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.