Continuing the conversation about how British Quakers can become anti-racist

The Swarthmore lecture — Perceiving the temperature of the water by Helen Minnis

Gordie Jackson
1 min readMay 28, 2022


The Worship space at Friends’ House / gjarchive

Today's last session was the Swarthmore Lecture given by Helen Minnis. This one is going to be short as I need to sleep. The good thing is you can listen to Helen’s lecture once it becomes available on Monday.

If you can’t wait you can listen to an interview with Helen below.

If I was just to pick up one thing from Helen’s lecture it would be her idea that Quakers in an attempt to make amends for past racism create a fund to provide scholarships to Black young people who face barriers.

She mentioned British rapper Stormzy who funds such a scheme.

For now,





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