Continue to do what you do, get up and meet the day

If you tick so will the clock

Gordie Jackson
2 min readApr 23, 2024
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

I was well-rested over the weekend so when I awoke before 6 I thought it was because I had caught up on sleep. Maybe it was but I was also aware of that feeling in the ‘pinprick hole’ somewhere in the centre of my stomach. The list of names came up of jobs I have to do. At this time in the morning, it feels like an impossible task. I have been well acquainted with the feeling so another part of me knows the strategy ‘Continue to do what you do, get up and meet the day’. I get up and meet the day aware that the feeling begins to subside.

The clock always seems slower on Monday although once it reaches 10 am regular time seems to resume. IT problems hit that placed me in ‘the pits’ now nothing is getting done.

We recover as the day passes, nothing stops the day.

An energy is released simply by trying, rewarded by every step taken.

Momentum comes and things get done. From the blankets, before 6 am it was “No way” but 6 becomes 6 01 and if you tick so will the clock.

I have to remind ‘he that emerges from lunchtime’ that he is the same body that quivered at 6 am.

I shout by 6 pm that this did not start well although the end feels sweet.




Gordie Jackson

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