Cherish is not her name but cherish her I do

As I head towards 50 I want to say some thank yous

Gordie Jackson
2 min readJul 9, 2020


Cherish and me 1983 school trip stop off in France

School played a huge role in my life not only because of the education but the community it afforded. I was born in July which meant that by primary 6 (age 10) I would repeat a year. Someone decided the cut-off point for classes was the end of June and if you were born in July or August you would have to a repeat one of your primary school years.

It had the effect of putting me from being one of the youngest in the class to one of the oldest. You became aware of other ‘July & August babies’ who had the same experience. It was at this time that Ark went to a different class. This brought into focus someone who had also stayed with me since starting primary 1, Cherish. Cherish would remain and even on transfer to Junior High she would remain in my class and we would transfer again to the same Senior High.

Cherish was like a sister then and has remained a sister to this present day. In the story of Moses we are told when he was placed in a basket in the river Miriam, his sister, stayed close by to keep an eye on him. Cherish is my Miriam never too close to be interfering but not so far away to be available if required.

I remember on one occasion at Junior High I questioned what happened to the interest on the money we paid in for the annual school trip. The question quickly got to the teacher responsible and he saw it as a challenge. Feeling I was being backed into a corner I said, “ Cherish told me.” She then got questioned.

What I remember is she never held it against me, if anything she took some of the pressure for me. That is the kind of sister she is although I should not have brought her into it.

I am grateful that she was around then and is still around.

Best day,




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